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For all enquiries relating to transport to and from school, please contact the Monmouthshire County Council Passenger Transport Unit on: 01633 644777

Further information can also be found on their website:

Eligibility for Home-School Transport

Pupils residing in Monmouthshire (up to the age of 16 years) are entitled to apply for free Home to School Transport. In order to qualify, pupils must attend their catchment, or nearest available school and live 1.5 miles or more away from the school at primary age, or 2 miles or more away from the school at secondary age.

Please be aware that Passenger Transport state that it is not always possible to arrange the routes of vehicles to pass close to the homes of pupils. Therefore, it may be necessary for parents to make arrangements for their child(ren) to reach the nearest ‘pick-up’ point of the vehicle, although every effort is made to keep this distance as short as possible.

Bus Passes

Once a bus pass has been issued, pupils must ensure that it is ready to show the bus driver when boarding the bus. If a bus pass has been lost, or forgotten, then please contact Monmouthshire Passenger Transport directly. Similarly, if your child is not going to be in school on a particular day, please contact the contract bus, or mini-bus company that your child travels with. The contact details will have been given to you by Monmouthshire Passenger Transport Unit.