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Middle Phase

Assistant Headteacher (Middle Phase): Mrs Eloise Davies

Welcome to the Middle Phase

Our Middle Phase comprises Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, and Year 8 pupils. The phase includes what is often classed as ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ pupils to ensure there is no primary/secondary divide. The phase does not just provide a seamless transition between primary and secondary education but in fact combines these year groups into one phase to removed the need for transition and instead provide a fully joined-up education.

Every morning pupils in Years 5 – 6 pupils have lessons in Literacy, Spelling and Handwriting, Numeracy, Guided Reading, and Welsh. The afternoon sessions provide opportunities for learning in the other Areas for Learning and Experience. Each week there will be lessons in Humanities, Science and Design Technology, Expressive Arts, PSE, and Computing (ICT). Year 5 and Year 6 pupils have a weekly French lesson. Every pupil has two hours of Physical Education each week. Every day finishes with teachers and adults sharing stories with the pupils. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils have lessons from secondary phase staff in Maths, French, Science, and Music on the secondary site. This fully utilises subject specialists. The move to our new buildings and facilities in September 2024 will provide a fully integrated timetable combing their primary class teacher with a whole range of subject specialists and rooms.

In Years 7,8 and 9 there is a fortnightly timetable of fifty one hour lessons. The pupils have lessons in Art, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Music, PE, PSE, RE, Science, Technology and Welsh.

The curriculum is fully integrated to provide the necessary holistic approach within and across AoLEs. This includes in lesson design (chosen skills and content) and by providing cross-curricular rich tasks that link to various topics and themes.