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Languages, Literacy and Communication

Fundamental aspects of human communication will be addressed and pupils will gain knowledge and skills in Welsh, English, international languages and literature.

Pupils will develop their skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will learn to communicate effectively using Welsh, English and international languages. They will transfer what they have learned about how languages work in one language to the learning and using of other languages. Learning through and about literature will also contribute to all aspects of learning about languages.

Pupils will develop curiosity, enthusiasm, and a life long interest in the languages of Wales and the languages of the world. Pupils will develop a willingness to experiment and take risks in trying out new structures, sounds and patterns. Pupils will learn to express themselves effectively, to be open to other people’s points of view and to develop positive relationships.

Pupils will learn to engage critically with languages and literature in order to help them develop not only their own sense of identity, but also an understanding of the relationship between their own cultures and communities and those of other people. This understanding will be deepened as pupils are afforded opportunities to learn multiple languages. The development of numerous languages will allow pupils to respond in many more contexts.

Pupils learning in this area will support their learning across the whole curriculum. The development of effective language skills will allow them to make sense of concepts across the curriculum, for example by enabling them to articulate their reasoning when solving problems and analysing information.