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Expressive Arts

The pupils will develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full in the disciplines of art, dance, drama, film, digital media, and music. As creators and as an audience they will gain an appreciation of cultures and societies in Wales and in the world. This will equip our pupils with the skills to explore cultural differences through time and place. They will explore complex issues, challenge perceptions and identify solutions.

Pupils will be engaged physically, socially, and emotionally and will develop their self-esteem and resilience. They will develop critical inquiry skills.

Pupils will develop their appreciation of the creative work of other people, and also their own creative talents, artistic skills and performance skills. They will be provided with opportunities to explore, refine and communicate ideas while thinking creatively and engaging their imagination and senses. They will be inspired and motivated by visits to theatres and galleries and by the expertise of external practitioners. The study of Expressive Arts will contribute directly to enriching the quality of their lives.